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    Sarah Coles joined Gracie Barra Shellharbour after being punched in the back of the head at school.

    “I realised then that I needed to learn how to defend myself so if an incident like that were to happen again, I would be prepared.”

    Sarah says Coach Marcus Lima’s gym, located at Albion Park Rail, was the only martial arts facility in the area running a self-defence program tailored specifically to her needs. Not long after the course, the 18-year-old joined the club and has gained far more than the ability to protect herself. Sarah is currently sitting her HSC exams and says BJJ helps her deal with daily stresses, anxiety and anger.

    “I could have a bad day caused by stress of school, home or my personal life, then go to BJJ which is a safe environment where I can channel my emotions into learning self-defence and BJJ.”

    Sarah is a well-loved and valued member of the GBS family who recently earned her third stripe on her white belt.