Clean modern facilities, providing a comfortable environment for all members and guests



Gracie Barra Shellharbour’s purpose-built Brazilian Jiu Jitsu facility is designed to serve the needs of our students and community. Featuring a large, open space where we run our in-depth Jiu Jitsu programs, our academy provides everything you (and your kids) could want in a martial arts studio. Whether your goal is to learn self-defence, lose body fat, or build strength and improve your confidence, Gracie Barra Shellharbour has a plan for you.


  • Large, open padded matting 
  • Wall pads in mat area for students’ safety
  • Free on-street parking
  • Showers
  • Changing rooms
  • Lounge and kids area
  • Fitness and warm up area
  • Gracie Barra Wear Shop

What’s also special about our facility are the things you cannot touch and feel. Gracie Barra Shellharbour’s atmosphere is filled with motivation and inspiration to train hard and work toward accomplishing your goals.

The amazing people who form our incredible community make our martial arts venue what it is today. The kindness, cooperation, generosity, and support of our members who train at Gracie Barra Shellharbour is what makes our space so unique. The only way to truly know what this feels like is to experience it yourself.

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