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Professor Marcus started Jiu Jitsu in his hometown Sao Paulo, Brazil, when he joined the Ryan Gracie Academy. He was fascinated with the sport after his first class and from that day he would spend most of his afternoons on the mats. In less than one year he won 2 Brazilian National Championships as a white belt and on the following year he won the same championships as a blue belt.

In Brazil Marcus had the opportunity to train with the best jiu jitsu team and learn with the most experienced professors – the ones from the ‘early days of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’.

In 2012, Marcus moved to Australia where he continued his Jiu Jitsu journey. He won the NSW National Championship when he was a purple belt and worked as the adults and kids instructor at Gracie Barra Central Cost and Gracie Barra Bondi.

In 2015 Marcus chose Shellharbour in NSW, Australia, to open his own school.

Being part of the biggest and strongest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team in the world – this time with his own Gracie Barra School – is a dream coming true to professor Marcus.

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